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Masculine Beauty Calendar 2016 by David Vance

Masculine Beauty Calendar 2014

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A calendar of images from David Vance's book Masculine Beauty. These models are beautifully muscled and developed athletes whose forms in the natural state before the camera vie for the best in the sculptures of the great artists of the past and present. Erotic, yes. Pushed to the extremes of definition, yes. Prettified at times, yes. But it all works. Vance has a keen eye for the juxtaposition of hard flesh with soft drape and soft light and his photographs are for the most part timeless in nature. This is an opportunity to re-visit some of the images David Vance considers his finest.

These are not photographs of ordinary average men, but of athletes at the peak of their form. Here are pictures that remind you of Michelangelo's David. Here is the perfect physique, molded to perfection and photographed in black and white.

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